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L.I. Ninjutsu Centers Mighty Warrior Program

Ages 5 to 8

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Why do nine out of ten parents choose L.I. Ninjutsu Centers Mighty Warrior Program over the rest?
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Today’s Mighty Warriors Are Tomorrow’s Future!



Our Mighty Warrior Program is the continuation of our acclaimed Little Warrior Program. Most of our Little Warriors grow up and progress into our Mighty Warrior program. This age group is one of the most challenging, due to the different maturity levels of the students. With the Little Warriors starting at the age of two, we realized that to produce great students and keep them around for a long time, we must continue to make the training as fun and comprehensive as possible. Knowing how children develop, we have added three more characters to our program - the owl, fox and cheetah.

These new characters represent a more advanced set of concepts. They take our students to the next level in spirit and attitude. In class, the students are told, "you must be as cunning as a fox, have the wisdom of an owl and the speed and agility of a cheetah. The fox, owl and cheetah are recurring themes in our classes, and all students are taught the meaning behind these sayings.

Mimicking each character for strength and balance helps us to develop hand eye coordination and strength that can spill over into gym class, sports and general health and fitness. For example, little Johnny is 5 years old. He has trouble focusing on his teacher in his academic school. In our class we teach the rules of focus. "Focus your Mind, Focus your Heart and Focus your body." Tying in these three points we then move on to say you must be as focused as an eagle, but be as cunning as a fox. Children at that age may say, "What does cunning mean?"

We go on to explain that you must be able to use your brain to figure things out, to focus on things and come up with a solution. We then drill them on different activities that enhance these particular focus drills. Having this focus can help a child in their academic classroom and also in their every day lives. So we teach our children to listen properly through the lessons plans and character traits. These traits are what success in life are based upon. The end result is increased self esteem, self confidence and self control. These all lead to a more productive and able young child. We want all of our students to possess these skills, and believe all parents can see how they correlate to overcoming challenges in the real world.

Our Mighty Warriors
Strive To have...

Here are just some of the benefits of our Mighty Warrior Program

  • Improved concentration through what we call the "Rules Of Concentration."
  • More self-esteem and improved self-confidence.
  • Understanding self-discipline and why it is absolutely necessary for success. This alone often improves grades in school.
  • Increased motivation and development of a positive mental attitude, to understand that growth comes from overcoming adversity and completing achievements.
  • Goal-setting skills and practical applications.
  • The self-confidence and self-discipline to say "NO" to drugs and other negative influences.
  • "Stranger Danger" training. Learning how to spot and avoid danger. What to do if danger is unavoidable.
  • Social interaction, sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun! And so much more!


Meet Jared - he started training at L.I. Ninjutsu Centers when he was just three and a half years old. He trained for almost his entire life up until he left for college. He is still is actively involved in the martial arts, and continues to help teach and assist at various martial art events. During his time with us, he, along with a select group of young students, traveled to Japan to train with one of two living Ninjutsu Masters in the world. He went on to achieve his second degree black belt.

Jared Artura

Supported by his amazing family, he used the sheer determination and warrior spirit he developed at our school to graduate college, and pass the bar exam to become an attorney.

Jared has used his martial arts skills in all aspects of his life, and has used the lessons he learned to accomplish many great things. He is a perfect example of what training at L.I. Ninjutsu centers can do for a child.

Now read this testimonial from a student who grew up in our program...

Michael Lum"I was talking about the old golden days of LI Ninjutsu the other day with my mom and dad and how the place changed me. My training stopped a long time ago back when I was in high school. I decided to give up training to focus on school, try and raise my grades to get into better colleges and discover a potential career path. I wound up realizing that I had a genuine interest in biology/human body and decided that I would try my hand at becoming a doctor.

Fast forward a few years and I am now the top student in all of my classes, coupled with nearly a perfect GPA, and am one of the most promising prospects from my college for getting accepted into medical school. This summer I am studying for the entrance exam called the MCAT so that is currently consuming my life but I should be applying to med school within the next year before I graduate. Me and my dad were talking and we firmly believe that the dedication, focus, and determination that I direct toward my studies truly stems from the lessons you taught me back when I was a little kid. I grew up at the dojo and you guys really had a profound effect on who I am today.

When I look back I realize that the silly sayings that you had us recite, "Have a plan, take effective action etc. etc." and even the Creed we recited on the Demo Team, have now become ideals that I apply to my everyday life. Concepts like remaining humble, having strong role models, being kind, respecting those that deserve it, being patient within the time it takes to take two deep breaths are all ideals that really have helped me on my path of trying to become a doctor. No one in my class has the same absolute determination and focus as I do and I really attribute it to the fact that you guys, despite my young age, taught me to be a mental warrior.

One day when I am old and gray, I want to return to the dojo and start my training from scratch, because I really think I got my black belt when I was too young to understand what it really meant. I just wanted to thank you and Renshi Frank for helping break a shy little kid of out his shell and teach him how to be a good person. My family sends their regards and I'll be sure to keep you updated on my journey to becoming a successful doctor."

-Mike Lum


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