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L.I. Ninjutsu Centers Calendar of Events

At L.I. Ninjutsu Centers we pride ourselves in having the most extensive and flexible schedule, utilizing both of our locations.  While we prefer that our students train at one location in the beginning, as they progress in rank, they are encouraged to go to both locations.  We also encourage our East Islip students to travel to the Hombu (headquarters) more often, especially on special event days, parties, competitions and training.  When Shihan Allie was starting the martial arts, he traveled to Queens, as  young teen on the train, to be with his teacher, as well as traveling in later years 6 days per week to spend time with O'sensei Felix Vazquez.  Do not get stuck in one place take advantage of the both locations!   We will also post changes in the section below which is may be a change not listed on the calendar.  We do our best to communicate, via Facebook, here on the website and on email.  If you are not receiving our emails, please email shihan at to be put on the email list.

Schedule Additions -

Please Note ***  Originally there was an error on the Monthly Calendar. Please double check that you have the newest Version.  Black Belt Club is NOT on the 24th,  it will be held on the 31st Of July at our East Islip Location.  Same times apply.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

July Calendar

Moved To The 31st

LINC August Calendar Crazy Days 2017 Summer Camp 2017
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